That Woman Has My Sweater On

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My sister has come for a visit.  I've been telling Mama all week that Cissy was coming.  Mama's reaction.... "it's about time she came to see us.  She doesn't live that far away."  I remind her that Cissy lives in Mobile and we live in Seattle.... that Cissy is flying on an airplane to come see us. Anyway... Mama was taking a nap when Cissy arrived.  I kind of woke her up and told her that Cissy was here.  I could see the excitement and joy in her eyes.   She was clearly glad to see my sister. Then I made a mistake.... Cissy was cold and wanted to borrow a sweater.  I got her one of Mama's sweaters... actually a sweater Cissy had given Mama for her birthday last year.  When Mama saw Cissy with her sweater on, she asked "why does that woman have my sweater on?"  I tried to tell her Cissy was borrowing her sweater.   Mama became fixated on her sweater.  It was kind of funny but Mama was totally serious and actually felt offended that someone else was wearing her sweater. Read More


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Today my mom told me she needed to lie down cause she felt "faintified". She definitely has a way with words at times! She says a lot of funny things... and I'm always telling myself I need to write them down.  Honest... she keeps Tony and me in stitches with what she says and the way she says what she says.  And she says the same things over and over... sticking to the same story.... and I can't change her mind so I'm learning to just let her story be the "truth".  It doesn't do any good to argue with her!  Below are  examples of some of our conversations: Read More

January 1 2011… First Adventure of the Year

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Decided to head out to the Skagit Valley this morning as the sun was out, the sky was blue... take advantage of a pretty day... right!!! Even if the temp was only 25 degrees. So I bundled my mom up.... she's my new side kick.... and we set off. First stop at Tulley's for our "usual"... intense dark chocolate mochas. Mama really likes these fancy coffees up here. If she knew the price she wouldn't though : ) We listen to bluegrass music... her favorite... and enjoy the scenery as we drive north. Mama likes to ride and look at the scenery which is a blessing for me!! Read More

Something I need to learn about… Alzheimers

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I think I spelled the word "alzheimers" right... if not, I'll soon get it right.  I've been researching alzheimers... causes, symptoms, treatment...   My mom has officially been diagnosed with Alzheimers. Read More