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Today my mom told me she needed to lie down cause she felt "faintified". She definitely has a way with words at times! She says a lot of funny things... and I'm always telling myself I need to write them down.  Honest... she keeps Tony and me in stitches with what she says and the way she says what she says.  And she says the same things over and over... sticking to the same story.... and I can't change her mind so I'm learning to just let her story be the "truth".  It doesn't do any good to argue with her!  Below are  examples of some of our conversations: I walked here. No Mama,  I went down to Mobile and took you out of the retirement home (the alzheimer's care facility) and we flew up here to Seattle. I'm not in Seattle. Yes Mama... we're in Seattle at my house.  You're living with Tony and me in our house. No, this is my house.  Do they know where I am? Who, Mama? The people who run this place. No Mama, you're not in the retirement home... you are at my home. No I'm not! ******* Another conversation: Why doesn't Cissy come visit? Well, Mama... it's a long way for her to come visit cause she is in Mobile and we are in Seattle. I'm not in Seattle. Yes you are Mama.  See here on the map how far it is from Seattle to Mobile? That's just amazing.  Things have changed haven't they? Yes Mama, things have changed for you but it's a good change. ****** Another conversation: I don't know what I'm gonna do. What do you mean Mama? I can't stay here by myself. But you're not by yourself.  Tony and I are here with you. But you're gonna go home and then I'll be here by myself. No, Mama... we're not gonna leave ever.  It's me, you, and Tony together forever. OK.... I'm so glad you are gonna be here with me. ***** Yet another conversation: Marie,  do you have a car?  Will you take me home? We  can fly home for a visit.  We'll stay with Cissy and visit everybody, then come back to Seattle. I heard that my house in Grand Bay burned down. No Mama, it didn't burn down.  We had to sell it cause you couldn't live there by yourself anymore. Raymond told me my house burned down.  Why would he tell me that? He didn't Mama.... I don't know where you heard that.

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  1. I love reading your pages,and the pictures are awesome. I really admire you. Love you to.

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