Where’s That Quarter??

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Early this morning I heard my mom whimpering, muttering on the baby monitor (I turn on the baby monitor at night so I can hear her if/when she calls me). So I went downstairs to see what was the matter.  Mama was in bed but was distressed because (as she told me) "I laid out $11.00 on the counter to pay the light bill and a quarter fell on the floor and I can't find it." I reassured her that I had found the quarter and had paid the electric bill.  I went ahead and lay down with her... she likes that.  Actually she thinks I sleep with her every night as I tell her I'm gonna stay up to read a while and for her to go ahead to sleep.  IT WORKS!! Anyway... I lay down with her .... and about ten minutes later she is distressed again.  " I laid out money on the counter to pay my electric bill and a quarter fell on the floor and I can't find it.  How am I gonna pay my light bill?" I reassured her again and she said "ok"... and had peace about the matter. Then about ten minutes later she is distressed again.  She repeats the same words and I reassure her that all is good, that I have taken care of the electric bill. When my Mom says things like this... like out of the blue... I wonder where they come from... what exactly going through her head.  It's a puzzle I guess that lots of people would like an answer to. Also... when my Mom is distressed, upset, frustrated... I marvel at how my words can calm her down (most of the time).  That is quite amazing to me... to be able to bring peace of mind to someone with reassuring words.

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  1. It’s like I read….our roles get reversed….you will be wearing a crown of jewels after life here on earth, Marie.

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