Taking a Drive

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Waterfall on the side of the road

We had planned on going camping this weekend... Tony had a long weekend finally...but it was raining and the forecast didn't look good the whole weekend.  And Tony got drafted to work "Occupy Seattle" today.  So... being as I needed a break from the "ordinary" we decided to go for a drive up the North Cascade Hwy.  We got a late start... like around 12:30... but I said what the heck... we didn't have anything else to do.  Mama enjoys going on drives out in the country/mountains so I knew she would enjoy seeing all the autumn leaves... all the reds and golds. So we stopped at Tully's... got some coffee and headed out.  It was beautiful!!  The higher we got in the mountains, the more color we saw... and waterfalls along the highway from the rain.  It was gorgeous!! Mama did fine... we enjoyed a nice lunch along the way... and Mama commented when she saw something she liked.  After our lunch I drove and Tony... being Tony laid his seat back and catnapped.  I would stop along the road wherever I saw a pretty sight... run out in the drizzling rain to get a picture.  That is my idea of fun!!! On the way home it was getting late... getting dark... and Mama's "sundowning" started.  Sundowning is when those with alzheimers get anxious, worried, fretful... it's a strange thing but it happens quite regularly... especially when Mama is out and about in the early evening.  Anyway...Thank God Tony has a sense of humor and we both find it quite comical to a point with what Mama says during times like this. "Tony... slow down.. if you get a ticket I'm not gonna pay it." "The people at that house are gonna worry where I am." "Where's Marie?"   I'm right here Mama... in the front seat. "It can't be this far from Moss Point to Grand Bay.  Are we on the right road?" "I'm scared." "I really think we're going the wrong way." Over and over she would say these things. Finally we made it home... after our SEVEN hour drive.  Tony is a trooper for going along with me on things.  I know his idea of a drive was like two to three hours.  He had planned to make peach cobbler when we got back... but I knew it would be too late for that... He does make a mean peach cobbler though. Now... Tony is working the "Occupy Seattle" event.  I'm vacuming (I never can spell that word right)... cleaning house.  And Mama is still sleeping.  It took her a while to feel "normal" after the long day on the road... so it took her a while to get to sleep. Anyway... a nice break from the routine.  It reminded me how years ago when Matthew was little, we'd go on drives and we'd talk and laugh together... get Tony to tell funny stories.  Very nice!! That's about it... back to cleaning... which doesn't seem like such a chore since I got to recharge my battery a little.

I love scenes like this!!


  1. Oh, what beautiful colors. It does re-charge you to get out and about, doesn’t it? I’m going to just take the bull by the horns, and get Peter to take a north Alabama drive soon, and see some fall foliage. Maybe go to Chehea. We stayed there a few days when the kids were little. I’m doing good. Feel like my old self for a change. Later………..

  2. I really enjoy reading your articles. Or I should say many stories. You ought to think about putting together a book with your memories and have it published. I think so many people would get comfort from them. Especially the way you treat fannie. You are truly special!

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