Caterpillar… a Japanese movie

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This week... actually the whole month of January has not been good.  Matthew is "punch drunk" from off the chart pain and side affects from new pain meds.  I am running on fumes... and Mama continues to whine and moan and groan and wants to go home.  Tony is good though... he is always good... my rock! Last night I stayed up late... found a movie that interested me on the instant netflix... a foreign movie which meant that I couldn't do anything but watch cause I had to read the subtitles.  Caterpillar is a movie about a young couple in the 1940's... during Japan's war with China and  the country's involvement with the US in WWII.  The husband goes off to battle  and comes home without his arms, legs, can't hear and can't speak... but he is a war hero.  The wife is initially shocked but settles into her role as caregiver.... being told by all that it is her duty to her country.  The movie has lots of themes but the one that resonated with me last night was the raw honesty and emotion that the wife experienced as she "lost it" occasionally while caring for her war hero husband. I hate it when "I lose it"  and I've been doing that a lot lately.    Reminds me of times when Matthew was  a baby/toddler/little kid... when I reached the end of my ropes and occasionally exploded in front of him....  boy... do I ever feel guilty over that.... and now it's that same feeling... only this time it's my mom.  

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  1. Marie I wish there is something I could say or do to make it easier for you, Just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and Tony. You are strong.

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