More of the Same

Posted by on Jan 18, 2014 in Journal | 0 comments

I skimmed through my last post which was in March of this year.  I talked about all the things I did around the house after Matthew died…. it helped to immerse myself in projects… to keep busy. And here I am…. doing the same thing…. redoing the only room that had not been touched….  our bedroom downstairs.  It was Mama's room for three and a half years…. till she died in it on Oct 6 of this year…. just a little over a month ago. So now I've painted the ceiling and the walls… and we'll put a new floor down tomorrow.  It'll be ready to move back into in a few days…. the last of my big projects... The projects do help but when it is quiet I miss Matthew horribly and now I miss my mom too.  There are little things everywhere that remind me of them.

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